Monday, May 31, 2010

Point-Counterpoint: AC/DC - Iron Man 2 Soundtrack


I've never said this out loud before.  (And I guess this is written, so I've still never said it out loud.)  I'm a closet AC/DC fan.

In fact, I have been for years.  In fact, I've mostly ridiculed them when other people have mentioned them.  Never have I liked them enough to buy an album or anything (mostly because, let's be honest - an AC/DC album is mostly filler, with a few really shining moments of awesome).  But I don't need to anymore.

Thanks to the Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

This has compiled all of the AC/DC songs that are worth remembering and listening to into one compact little package.  And it is a doozy - it's got "Highway to Hell", "Back in Black", "TNT" and "Thunderstruck", among others.

And it isn't until you start hearing them all together in this way that you see how pervasive AC/DC is as a band.  You know the riff from just about every song on the album - they've been heard in just about every time and place imaginable.  It's nothing complex or technical, but it's darn fun - and I can legitimately say that it's really great to drive with.  You feel just like Tony Stark (that is, if Tony Stark drove a Hyundai Accent).

Final verdict: Adore it (just don't get pulled over while cruising to it)


The Iron Man 2 Soundtrack.  "Okay," says I when my partner in writing suggests this.  I head to to check it out, and it has some big AC/DC title on it.  So I read up a bit.  Turns out, someone must have wanted to save time and make a little extra cash on the side.  'Cause guess what folks?  This is a cheap cash grab, nothing more.

Sort of a "greatest hits" group of tracks here, what you have are some classic AC/DC tunes, mixed in with some not so great songs.  There is no question that tracks like "Back in Black", "TNT" and "Thunderstruck" are classics.  But do you really need to hear them again?

I mean, any track worth listening to on this album can be heard in any 90 minute span on any classic rock or rock radio station.  And if you aren't so familiar with them that you kind of throw up in your mouth every time you hear them, well then I think you are the type of fool they are looking for.  You know what they say about a fool and his/her money. . .

Final verdict: Ignore it (as the blatant money grab it so obviously is)


  1. I've been wondering about this myself - so, the Iron Man fans buy it to be completists and add it to their OTT collections and the AC/DC fans buy it to be completists and add it to the Acca Dacca collection. In the words of a former insidious Australian television host "What the...?"

    I don't mind a bit of AC/DC myself, being as I am of the generation that grew up with them here (Bon Scott may be dead but he still rules, as far as I'm concerned).

    But thanks for reviewing this. Now I have even more reason to feel completely cynical about it.


  2. You know, that is my beef with this album. I suppose if you don't own a single AC/DC album, and haven't heard their stuff everywhere enough to be sort of tired of it (because as my bro says, their music is incredibly pervasive), this is a fine option.

    But I do find it to be a cheap money grab.