Sunday, May 16, 2010

The passing of a true legend: Dio will be missed

Holy DiverThe Holy Diver has passed.

After an earlier post that was later confirmed to be inaccurate, the inevitable happened.  The great Dio has died after a battle with stomach cancer.  Who knew, the guy was from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Just down the road.

You don't have to be a fan of the theatrics, you may not have even liked his bands (though to dis the mighty Sabbath, along with Rainbow and Dio is musical heresy if you ask me), but you cannot deny the man's impact on metal and rock in general.  He was one of the great vocalists of the past decades, and a real pioneer in the creation and identity of an entire genre.

Ozzy may be better known, but Dio was by far the better vocalist, and will definitely be missed.


  1. I always wanted to see Dio live. That will never happen now.

    Tears will be shed as he rides his tiger into the next world.

  2. Oh oh, I've seen him live (cough cough, like 20 years ago), AMAZING! How sad that the first time I've been able to say anything from first hand experience about one of your musical posts is about someone who has passed away :-(