Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rush announces new tour. . .

But did I leave my fanboy card at the door?

That's right.  Rush recently announced their "Time Machine" tour.  My initial reaction was "Awesome, must go."  I mean, they are playing Moving Pictures in its entirety, for the first time ever.  And I still feel that, to this day, Moving Pictures is one of the best  albums ever.  Period.

Then I start to think about it.  Don't get me wrong, I still love Rush.  But where is the new material for this tour?  Sure, they hint at some special surprises.  What does that mean though?  Are they going to play some new songs on tour?  Maybe.  But is it worth it for me to go see them for that?

I just can't help but feel they are falling prey to what I call the Dream Theater syndrome.

You know, pumping out live album after live album (due to tour after tour) with no real new material.  Snakes and Arrows was a great album and a great tour.  They seemed really energized and enjoying themselves.  Then they announced Snakes and Arrows tour part 2.  No new music, just another tour.

I couldn't make myself do that one.  It just becomes too hard with a family, a 2 1/2 hour drive each direction and a resident's schedule.  Add in to that the $200 price tag for two tickets by the time you add it all up.  Rush puts on a great show, no doubt.  I saw them for Roll the Bones, then for Vapor Trails, R30, and Snakes and Arrows.  All of them great shows.

But I really would love some new material that I can become familiar with, then tour and play those live.  But this Rolling Stones-esque money grab?  It leaves me a little cold.  Perhaps I am not the fan I once was.


  1. Can't compare them to Dream Theater, just can't. Not comparable. RUSH is far too high above DT to be compared. :D

  2. Oh, overall I absolutely agree with you Natalee. But the numbers are arguing against Rush.

    They had a great schedule going. Four studio albums, one live album. Different Stages finished that cycle. They begin their hiatus.

    Vapor Trails then is released, followed by Snakes and Arrows. However, in the meantime we have seen the release of Rush in Rio, R30, Grace Under Pressure Tour (which was initially a bonus to the special edition R30 tour, but has since been released as a standalone), and finally Snakes and Arrows Live. That is four live albums to two studio albums (yes, I am ignoring Feedback as it wasn't their material). Seriously, sounds like DT syndrome to me.

    Still love them, just wondering if my love is waning.