Saturday, April 17, 2010

Great news for Rock Band DLC!

One of the greatest aspects of the Rock Band series of games from Harmonix is their continued addition of content.  I have mentioned before just how awesome the Rock Band Network is as both a concept and with the execution so far.  However, that is certainly not the only way in which the game continues to receive new content.

Earlier this week, I professed my love for the new Coheed and Cambria album, Year of the Black Rainbow.  Well then, you can imagine my joy when I saw the announcement this morning (okay, the announcement was yesterday, but I was only just able to see it) of the official Rock Band DLC (downloadable content) announcement for next week.

Amongst the 6 songs being released you will find the Coheed and Cambria pack, including three really great songs from Year of the Black Rainbow.  Those tracks are "The Broken", "Here We Are Juggernaut", and "Guns of Summer".  I can assure that all three songs are really great.  In fact, "The Broken" is one of my overall favorite C&C tracks, not just from this new album.  All three tracks have great vocals, guitars, bass and drums.  They should be a lot of fun to play in the game, and I can guarantee I will be picking up the whole track pack so I can virtually rock out to those three.

Definitely exciting news, and the fact that they are calling this Coheed and Cambria track pack 01 gives me hope there will be some more tracks released from them.

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