Thursday, December 22, 2005

Porcupine Tree: Deadwing

By: Porcupine Tree
Year: 2005

Porcupine Tree is a relatively new acquisition in my music tastes. They were introduced to me by my brother, a fellow progressive music fan. The first album he told me to check out was their first big American release, 2002’s In Absentia. I picked it up, having never even heard it before, simply trusting in my brother’s taste.

Frankly, I was blown away. It was so crunchy, so sonorous, so . . . splendid! Later that week, I ran out and purchased PT’s newest release, Deadwing. Again, I was amazed at their musicality, the wonderful mesh they achieve in their sounds.

This album has barely left my CD player. I listen to it all the time; I made a copy to carry in my car, it’s one of the “old standby” albums that never leaves the Mp3 player, etc. This is a very important album for any rock fan. While Rush may be my all-time favorite band (has been since I was a little kid, and probably always will be), Porcupine Tree has quickly become my second favorite band, and the band I’m the most passionate about introducing people to. I’m officially slightly obsessed with Steven Wilson and all of his projects.

Tracks to catch: Deadwing: The opening track – this song has one of the best beginnings of any rock album; this song rocks so incredibly hard and you can’t get it out of your head – ten minutes of blessed rocking. Halo: this song has a rocking bass line that makes your car shake. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here: My other favorite track on the album; eleven minutes of fun, building from simple and soft to complete rock. Open Car: I just have to mention this song because the verses are in seventeen-eight time – who the crap can write in seventeen-eight, besides Steve Wilson?

Objective Rating: 9 out of 10
I frankly love this album. Production quality is through the roof; Steven Wilson’s stuff always is, he’s picky about it. The musicality and talent of these musicians is astounding. They just mesh in a way most bands only dream of.

Biased Rating: 10 out of 10
So, I figure if Peter can give a 9.5, can I give this alubm an eleven? This is my single favorite album that I’ve purchased this year, I think the most important progressive rock album to come out in 2005. This band is entirely not well-enough known, and I highly encourage that anyone interested pick this album up.

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