Saturday, June 11, 2011

Single Review: Symphony X - The End Of Innocence

Symphony X: The End of Innocence
Year: 2011
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It has been a few years since Symphony X released their last effort, Paradise Lost.  They have been busy, of course, with multiple other side projects.  But fortunately, they buckled down and have finished up a new album.  The End of Innocence is the first single to be released from the upcoming album Iconoclast.

Right from the start, the Michaels are in your face, with crushing guitars from Michael Romeo and fabulous keyboard acrobatics from Michael Pinnella.  The beginning really has a great feel to it.  In fact, this same synergy really carries through the entire song with some stellar work from each of the members.  Lest I shun the rhythm section, Michael Lepond and Jason Rullo propel the music forward in usual, excellent fashion.

As always, Russell Allen does a fabulous job, with both some rough, gritty vocals as well as a fantastic use of his rich, impressive clean vocals.  There is no doubt that Allen is one of the most versatile and talented singers in rock/metal these days, and he puts that versatility to good use in this track.

The End of Innocence certainly has a bit of a heavier and darker feel than tracks on Paradise Lost, which serves the material well.  Yet never is lost the versatility, theatricality and pure sense of music the band is so well known and regarded for.  While I have enjoyed all the recent albums from this band, as a lead single, The End of Innocence has me more excited for this album than I have been in a long time.

Final Verdict: Adore It
There are few bands out there with the pure ability that Symphony X possesses.  This looks to be another excellent addition to their catalog, and potentially some of their strongest music yet.

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