Thursday, April 21, 2005

Album reviews at Progged

As I have often professed, I love music. I decided I wanted to take that love of music, and my desire to improve my writing, and begin writing music reviews. So here, at Progged, I will be showcasing many albums, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Just one note, each review will have two scores. The first score is an attempt at an objective score, judging the album based on its own merits, and trying to leave any personal bias out. But because there is just no way for me to be completely unbiased, especially about some albums I love, I will also include a biased score. This could be the same, higher or lower than the objective score. This will attempt to capture my general feelings about an album on a more personal level. Hopefully someone will stumble across some of these reviews and check out some music they might have otherwise missed.

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